StepChange Communications is Brands2Life’s methodology to help businesses experiencing significant transition whether that’s rapid scaling, exiting, merging, de-listing, or re-structuring.

In the search for high-paced growth against a backdrop of intense competition, brands increasingly need to define their difference, purpose and value.

Through StepChange Communications, we help disruptive brands scale fast, and enable established companies to refresh and revitalise their brand in times of change.

In partnership with our clients, we translate their commercial decisions into communications strategy that delivers business value.

We do this by putting the communications foundations in place for business success – listening to target audiences, shaping corporate narratives, re-positioning brands, developing thought leadership platforms, mobilising employees and external stakeholders, right through to exit communications.

Taking a step-by-step approach, StepChange Communications can be activated as a discrete project or a longer term end-to-end communications programme.

We enable companies to communicate their differentiators to external audiences to help them achieve a higher value.