Freshworks: Fast growing SaaS disruptor

Brand building around the world through
thought leadership.


Freshworks is one of the world’s fastest growing and most innovative SaaS businesses. As it charged ahead towards IPO, we were tasked with developing a creative campaign that would increase Freshworks’ brand awareness within its key markets around the world, tying in with the major trends of 2021, such as the global pandemic response and a spike in ecommerce to position it as a thought leader with a deep understanding of customer experience and consumer trends.


As part of our ongoing comms to work to build the Freshworks brand, we developed an integrated campaign that reflected the mood of consumers and evaluated their expectations of brands’ customer service throughout the pandemic. To cut through the noise of a crowded space and tie into broader themes such as sustainability and CSR, we created a narrative around the emotive connection with businesses that customers increasingly crave.


We launched a global campaign across 10 markets, built on fresh consumer insights around how they communicate with brands, to understand the impact of the pandemic on brand-consumer connection, and the reasons why customers now expect deeper, more personal connections with the businesses they interact with. We supported on a series of marketing assets across 10 languages, including a whitepaper and infographics for further amplification via Freshworks’ corporate social media channels.


The campaign transformed Freshworks’ share of voice, leading 150% compared to the previous quarter, with resulted in earned media coverage in the UK, the US, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, India and Singapore, with highlights including i News and The Times. Our comms work provided the platform for a hugely successful listing in 2021, for which we secured exclusive UK coverage in the Times.