Darktrace: Breaking cyber stories first

High impact comms for a security pioneer.

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Darktrace is a true pioneer; its machine-learning approach is transforming the ways organisations defend against ever-changing cyber threats. When it came to Brands2Life it was already getting good media coverage. But, on its rapid growth trajectory, it needed to go much bigger as well as differentiating it vs the other AI vendors. Its brief, therefore, was to ramp up the high profile articles with the very top tier of media and help position it as a true leader on its journey to IPO and beyond.


At the heart of our programme is an extremely forensic approach to media relations. We map out every possible journalist on the nationals who could possibly be interested in Darktrace and the issues it helps solve.

Simultaneously, we develop an ongoing raft of creative proactive pitches with which we laser target these media and monitor the breaking cyber stories so we’re first to the punch.

Combined with our deep understanding of the domain, ability to craft a narrative that cuts through the noise, and sheer persistence, we deliver impactful cyber stories that educate and inspire – every single day.


Since we started working with Darktrace in July 2017, we have secured over 950 pieces with over 400 in the national and business media. We’ve exposed Darktrace to a huge number of new journalists and given it a media profile that befits its now FTSE 100 status.