Rentokil Initial: Repositioning a business services leader

Providing reassurance in times of change.


Brands2Life has worked with Rentokil Initial, since 2008, helping to keep its brands relevant in the media and front-of-mind for customers. This became even more important during the pandemic as its hygiene services brands developed new offerings as part of the Coronavirus recovery effort, at the same time fending off new challengers entering what were previously niche sectors.


While other providers and new entrants into the sector chased headlines, our strategy was to provide a balanced and reassuring voice that offered best-practice advice. This helped Rentokil Initial to own vital media conversations about Coronavirus disinfection processes, how employers can create safe work environments and the importance of indoor air quality – which aligned closely to Rentokil’s product roadmap.


This approach helped us to secure more than 500 pieces of coverage for Rentokil, doubling our target. Coverage ranged from high profile pieces in the Times, BBC and Daily Mail, to in-depth thought leadership in key trades and verticals. Most importantly, it helped Rentokil Initial cement its reputation as an industry leader, which is playing an important role helping businesses navigate the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic.