Sitecore: Sitecore Santa

Humanising the brand to deliver
C-Suite engagement.

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Our overarching goal was to raise awareness for Sitecore among the target audience, while helping potential customers understand the services that they provide. After all, how can potential customers choose Sitecore if they don’t understand what it is they do? 

Coupled with the above was a newly approved social strategy, with a challenge of championing a more human-led approach for the brand. 

To engage the C-Suite audience and potential customers that make up the tech industry, we wanted to do something bold to bring Sitecore’s product offerings to the forefront of people’s minds. 


Sitecore are known for providing a seamless customer experience and one world-known individual does the same thing: Santa. 

We pitched the idea of a light-hearted mockumentary style video, set in Santa’s Workshop, linking Santa and his helpers to how Sitecore operates – working away in the background and adapting to an everchanging world. We collaborated with producer-director duo Daniel Audritt and Kate Butterfield to utilise their experience of comedy writing and content creation, having previously worked on sketches for BBC and Comic Relief. Having a clear premise, coupled with gags, ensured the content was shareable and on-brand, helping us to talk to the audience in a language that was not heavily jargon or business focused, but instead warm and funny.

Due to the sheer amount of impactful content captured, we produced a hero video, 5 x cutdowns of the hero video (touching on key themes for Sitecore) and a blooper video. 


Taking a more light-hearted approach to the topic worked – paid social KPI forecasts were significantly exceeded, and the activity drove a large volume of results in a short space of time. Seasonal relevance also played a key part, and clearly captured users’ attention. 

Overall, the campaign generated: 1.1m impressions, 8k engagements, 577k views (126k more video views than forecast), 44% higher view rate vs forecast, 29k video completions, 1.8k clicks and 100% positive or neutral sentiment from the audience.