Sitecore: Social transformation

Helping the brand to think social first.


At the start of 2021, Sitecore came to us with a challenge of helping them to identify their opportunity for social, creating appropriate content for their multiple audiences and ensuring they had suitable channels created for all of them. This included all areas of social from developing the strategy (organic and paid), creating content and assets and influencer relations.


The approach had multiple elements including:

A full content audit and analysis to identify opportunities and issues to support the development of a strategy that positions Sitecore appropriately to its multiple audiences

Development of a playbook to allow the strategy to be implemented across the business

A full transformation project to evaluate the set up of the business’ social function and suggest ways to make it even more effective


Putting an audience centric approach at the heart of how Sitecore tells its stories, we created a strategic roadmap which would define the framework of our approach. We created an in-depth Playbook which provided an overview of the strategy, channel usage support and guidance for stakeholders across the business. 

The transformation project allowed for social teams across the business to come together, take learnings from each other and become more efficient in their approach.

The new strategy also introduced exciting campaigns, such as Sitecore Santa, which tested new content approaches never seen by Sitecore before.