Vodafone: Social strategy playbook

Dialling up engagement through audience centric strategy.


In November 2019 Vodafone Group challenged us to improve the impact of its online communications by transforming their social and digital strategy. We took over the ongoing support retainer for Vodafone’s global digital communications team, including identification and development of stories, creation of digital content and assets – and vitally – working on a new holistic social media strategy (for both organic and paid). ​​​


This included two key elements:

Carrying out a full content audit and social listening analysis to help support the development and execution of a digital communications strategy that positions and promotes Vodafone Group to its primary audiences online.

Management of Vodafone Group’s outbound social channels, including content, communities, visual identity, asset production and measurement.


Putting an audience centric approach at the heart of how Vodafone Group tells its stories, we created a strategic roadmap which would define the framework of our approach. We also created an in-depth Playbook which provided an overview of the strategy, channel usage support and guidance for stakeholders and for local markets. Since January 2020 following the reworked approach, there’s been a notable shift in engagement rates and follower growth.

The work was well received internally and we were later approached to work with Vodafone Business to develop a social media strategy and playbook for this part of the business.

Results across all channels have been above industry and company benchmarks, including a 500% increase in Facebook engagement rates since we took over management.