Tetra Pak: “Following the Sun”

Developing a social strategy to build a
global community.


Brands2Life is tasked with building a global online community for Tetra Pak global and ensuring no comment, wherever it comes from across the world, goes unnoticed or escalates into a crisis.  With Tetra Pak often finding itself in divisive and topical conversations online, it is key that it can trust Brands2Life to manage and protect its brand on social at all times. 


We apply a ‘follow-the-sun’ approach to channel monitoring; most hours of the day are covered with twice daily checks undertaken by both our US & UK-based teams. We actively seek out all brand mentions of Tetra Pak through always-on social listening and native channel monitoring, and find creative ways to respond quickly. 

Additionally, we monitor conversation around key topics relevant to Tetra Pak: sustainability, packaging, processing and innovation, looking for opportunities to create content that can spark conversation around them. 

Working with Tetra Pak, Brands2Life has also created and implemented numerous response matrixes, ensuring all community management undertaken is aligned with Tetra Pak’s brand narrative and able to be carried out swiftly and effectively. 


Tetra Pak empowers – and indeed relies upon – Brands2Life to manage its community with autonomy and accuracy. 

In the first six months alone, we prevented three potential crisis, from India to North America,  escalating further and we flagged several ways for Tetra Pak to expand its conversation to drive engagement and community growth.