LinkedIn Sales Solutions: Content Strategy

Winning marketshare for a challenger brand.

interviewed globally
open rate
4 minute
average session length


LinkedIn Sales Navigator trails Salesforce in market share. Brands2Life was challenged to help transform LinkedIn’s solution in the minds of sales leaders, who are likely already using/familiar with LinkedIn, but see it as more of a jobs board, than an invaluable sales tool. ​


Our aim was to keep LSS top of sales leaders’ minds, put Sales Navigator at the centre of their plans, and ensure they understand how LSS can help them achieve their objectives and be better at their jobs.​


Brands2Life set out to shift perception of LinkedIn Sales Solutions amongst sales leaders through the development and creation of an online hub dedicated to thought leadership content, produced specifically around the topics of most value and interest to today’s sales leaders. ​

Extensive original global research into target audience content consumption habits, as well as audience mapping, stakeholder interviews and planning informed the content franchise naming: Real Sales, and the strategic approach and content framework that govern editorial planning. ​

This definition of five content pillars enabled us to build out purposeful content that we have confidence will resonate with the target audience. There is a quarterly production cycle of long-form content, as well as supplementary content to help with distribution and reach through LSS social channels.​


The first Real Sales whitepaper was created based on original research of 450 sales leaders globally –conducted in partnership with Vanson Bourne. Since then, we have produced another two original whitepapers for the Real Sales Hub and supporting campaign. The content has seen open rates of above 20%, 4 minute average session length and 26 conversations attributed to Real Sales session with Sales Leaders.