LinkedIn: Real Face of Sales

Changing perceptions of the sales industry.

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Drive positive brand perception amongst sales individuals in the US and UK through a campaign that shows LinkedIn champions real sales professionals – and understands their role in the modern sales world.


Fight fire with fire. Or more specifically, images with images.

In order to help transform the perception of sales we wanted to create a whole new image library of real sales professionals and release the library to stock sites. We made a hero video following the lives of our sales people – contrasting the clichéd image of sales with the real face of modern sales. The film was shot in San Francisco, and followed our salespeople as they went about their daily lives, working from coffee shops and taking calls in their cars. We released our images to stock libraries and watched as brands and sales companies started using our images. Both the video and images were promoted through a paid media campaign, driving traffic back to a dedicated hub on LinkedIn.


Our images have been viewed over 19 million times and have had more than 92,000 downloads combined. The images are everywhere, from sales blogs to branded websites and social feeds. We may not have totally changed perceptions on the face of sales yet, but it’s a very strong step in the right direction.