LinkedIn: Transforming social communications

Defining a new social purpose to champion the brand mission.


Having been LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ social retained agency since 2019, we were challenged with refreshing their social strategy in a way that built upon Brands2Life’s unrivalled knowledge of the business, supplemented their wider FY22 strategy and acted as a backbone upon which to shape our annual plan. Through our refreshed approach, we also needed to transform their social communications to differentiate LinkedIn Marketing Solutions from its competitors and identify how LinkedIn can better own the B2B marketing space.


Brands2Life first set out to understand the current perception of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions amongst marketers and where it stood in comparison to its competitors. Using social listening and manual analysis, we delivered a thorough content audit and competitor analysis, identifying key learnings to inform our strategy. We then developed an in-depth social strategy defining a new social purpose that championed LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ brand mission in social and took a more human and audience driven approach. We also built a full content framework around our three content pillars that guides everything we do on social and ensures we are always suggesting social activations that ladder up to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions overall goals. 


We delivered a detailed strategy with actionable next steps and suggestions which now informs LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ current approach to social. We’ve implemented a continuous feedback loop via weekly and quarterly review cycles so we can keep evolving the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions social channels and delivering content that resonates with our target audience. Since the new strategy has been implemented, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has seen continued channel growth, notably reaching over 100k Twitter followers, and organic content consistently performs above and beyond benchmarks.