QinitiQ: Airport security

Emotive storytelling through animation.


QinetiQ came to us with the desire to help publicise a piece of technology that they were creating in partnership with Gatwick Airport. This was a completely bespoke product for the London airport on improving passenger and worker safety, by detecting potential threats from people trying to cross the security lines within the airport itself.  We were challenged with technology that was largely algorithm-based and so lacked a physical product with which to film. As well as explaining a product to an invested audience (fellow airport security brands and organisations) that had no prior knowledge of the digital and security sectors. 


Our response came as the world began to close due to the pandemic therefore, a combination of COVID restricted content creation, as well as articulating the functionality of a product that did not exist before. This resulted in us generating an animation that explained the functionality in an easy-to-understand format while dialling up the need for emotive storytelling through a combination of dynamic audio design and visual style. Creating an intense and demanding piece of content that compels the viewer to stay invested in seeing it through to its resolution. We used 3d animation and ultraviolet colour palettes and dynamic sound effects to help us articulate this product’s benefits.


The core purpose of this film was to assist in the further rollout of the technology to other airport brands in the UK and potentially globally. The video was intended for use at trade fairs directed to customers as well as living on the brand’s websites and social video platforms (YouTube).