Autodesk: Influencer Marketing

Redefining influencer content excellence

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Global 3D design and make software giant, Autodesk, wanted to support its new brand identity, which champions how the company is transforming how the world is designed and made.

To support this, Brands2Life was tasked with developing an influencer marketing campaign to showcase what’s possible using Autodesk. Our objective was to work with the ‘restless innovators & doers who try to achieve the new possible’ by encouraging them to create awe-inspiring content that encourages audiences to load up their Autodesk software with the intention of pushing the boundaries of design and make.


Using our PUNCH process, we picked creators across a range of target sectors. Each one explored how Autodesk is used to imagine bigger, collaborate smarter, move faster and build better. All align with the brand’s new tagline: ‘Autodesk it’.

Examples of the content include a vlog about the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco by Architect & Video Creator, Dami Lee, and a stunning digital studio showing Autodesk software in use, by Interior Designer, Art Director and Founder of Maison de Sable, Charlotte Taylor.

The partnerships spanned multiple channels and formats, from LinkedIn blogs to TikToks. Each creator’s content was promoted across Autodesk’s brand channels to drive maximum awareness.


The campaign was hugely successful, leading to 375K+ organic social impressions and an average engagement rate of 6.98% across all content – well above industry averages!

Dami Lee’s vlog promoting the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco has since become the ‘quality standard’ for Autodesk, meaning all its future influencer content strives to match its quality.