GETYOURGUIDE: Influencer campaign


Brands2Life was tasked with developing an influencer strategy that activated the #ItsAllHere campaign creative: to reach and engage a UK travel audience, and show them that their home country is full of opportunities to explore and create memorable moments. The timing was particularly challenging as this was a mid-COVID19 but post-lockdown activation.


  • Increase brand awareness of GetYourGuide in the UK
  • Make UK customers/followers engage with GetYourGuide on social
  • Drive micro-conversions (website visits/purchases)


Brands2Life defined, managed and executed a three-month long influencer campaign from planning through to execution. This included collaborating with x9 influencers that had social followings aligned to one of three categories: Family Frolickers, Culture Cravers and Adventure Addict –  these being the three audiences which we had identified as key targets for the GetYourGuide brand in the UK.

We identified, contracted, briefed and managed the influencers throughout the campaign period, ensuring they were creating high quality and engaging Instagram content that delivered the key campaign messaging, impressive results and value for money. We also created inspiring video cut downs from the influencer content for use on GetYourGuide’s social channels to promote the campaign further, and, ran and managed a supporting social competition on Instagram.


The campaign far exceeded three of our five KPIs, successfully driving traffic to the GetYourGuide website (1,277 swipe-ups) and Instagram page (6,045 sticker taps) despite the challenging market as a result of tough social distancing measures and the brand being less well known in the UK.

Furthermore, a total of 10 discount codes were used to purchase £350+ worth of experiences on the site as a direct result of the campaign.

10.23% avg. engagement rate (vs. 3% benchmark) | 19K+ total engagements | 31.10% real reach (vs. 30% benchmark)

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