Nuance: Police Transcription

A short animation focused on the benefits of the technology.


Nuance asked Brands2Life to help them introduce their automated transcription technology to UK police services and find an innovative force willing to help with its development.


Brands2Life developed a public sector engagement programme, targetting innovative police forces with a track record of adoption of new technology. We developed messaging that aligned with the priorities and pressures of these forces, particularly around intelligence gathering and better use of increasingly stretched resources. 

We recognised that to cut through to very busy decision makers at these orgranisations, we needed engaging content to explain a complex piece of technology, in terms that were accessible to all. So, we developed a short animation focused on the benefits of the technology, specifically designed to resonate with policing audiences.  


Brands2Life secured a meeting with the Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, who has now connected Nuance with the Force’s chain of custody lead. More widely, meetings and engagement were secured with influential political figures, such as Sir Paul Beresford MP, Chair of the All Party Group for Policing, and Caroline Pidgeon AM, who sits on the London Assembly’s Policing and Crime Committee.