Olympus Medical: Meet Des

Animated video to educate healthcare professionals on a new product.


Olympus medical created a digital tool that enabled healthcare professionals and patients to seamlessly go through a care pathway when it comes to bowel cancer screening. Brands2life was challenged to develop an animation that brought this solution to life and to educate stakeholders such as healthcare professionals and hospitals, to better understand what this product offers.


Given the complex narrative, we needed to create a video that was informative, whilst being engaging. We therefore created an animation that represented the time, money and patients lost in the system through ineffective patient management. Using marbles to represent the fallout that current systems are experiencing and how DES (Digital Education Solution) can address these issues. This animated video not only highlighted the issue in bowel cancer screening, but a solution to help the backlog. 


The video was used as a core sales tool across Olympus Medical’s social channels, events and directly with stakeholders.