Lundbeck: World Alzheimer’s Month

Working with TikTok influencers to change perceptions.

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As part of Lundbeck’s wider social strategy we regularly tap into key calendar moments in the mental health space with the aim of growing the nascent Twitter account’s following. World Alzheimer’s Month is one such awareness day which is of significant relevance to Lundbeck and as such we were keen to join the conversation. #WorldAlzMonth aims to raise awareness of and destigmatise Alzheimer’s and dementia and so we looked to support this in a creative and novel way.


We created a video series highlighting the lived experience of dementia carer and TikTok influencer Orla Phipps and her grandmother Agnes (an Alzheimer’s suffer). We worked closely with Orla to create three videos which helped address the stigma surrounding the disease and brought Orla and Agnes’s story to a wider audience. Orla was given control to ensure the videos remained authentic and respectful of the sensitive topic.


To leverage Orla’s existing reach, the videos were originally shared on her Twitter and TikTok channels and then retweeted by Lundbeck. In total the posts accrued 5,200+ engagements and 137,200+ video views (organic and paid) on Lundbeck’s Twitter channel, with a 1.47% engagement rate (63% above the benchmark). On TikTok alone the videos have achieved a total of 16,790+ views and 1,530+ engagements to date. The comments on the posts were overwhelmingly positive and contributed to a constructive conversation around Alzheimer’s.