Lundbeck: Social strategy to support mental health professionals

Launching social channels to provide resource, support and reassurance.


organic followers gained


When the pandemic hit, Lundbeck, a leading medical organisation in mental health lost its key channel to healthcare professionals, in-person consultations. With two thirds (65%) of adults with mental health problems saying their mental health had got worse since the first national lockdown, the mental health services were preparing for a pandemic of their own. With no presence on social media in the UK previously, Lundbeck needed to launch social channels to not only provide resource, support and reassurance for healthcare professionals, but for the wider public too.



Without a framework for developing social content for a UK audience, we had to balance Lundbeck’s desire to be a part of the mental health conversation on social quickly with content that would best represent the brand and resonate with the audience.


We had to work at pace and whilst we navigated the pharma regulations and began the process of setting up Twitter and LinkedIn, we ran various research projects and workshops to help develop a solid social media strategy and content plan in line with the Lundbeck brand heritage and vision. The following weeks included multiple meetings with mental health specialists, patient groups and regulation teams to help develop a suite of content to be used for the months ahead that would drive engagement with the organisation on their social channels.

​ "Working with Brands2Life on our social media strategy was a fantastic experience. ​They really took the time to understand our corporate objectives and company values and provided us with a solid framework that will ensure the strategy and developed playbook align long-term to our overall vision whilst giving us a great toolkit to support growing success and engagement with our social channels.“

Denika Chapman, Marketing Manager, Lundbeck UK


​Our first campaign alone achieved an engagement rate of 20.59% (vs. 1.22% benchmark) through our work with ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle for World Suicide Prevention Day. Over the course of the next six months, we launched mental health support podcasts with British rapper, Professor Green, teamed up with Tik-Tokers to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and sent videos of support to mental health workers on the front-line, through co-created content with Anxiety UK.

Within those six months we achieved 3 million impressions, over 58,000 engagements and organically gained over 1,000 followers.

Not only did this open up a vital channel to connect with healthcare professionals and the public, due to the success of the social strategy, Lundbeck decided to apply the same approach across all of its marketing channels.