Lundbeck: Mind If I Join You?

A unique podcast series to support people with mental health conditions.


In an industry known for its strict guidelines and traditional methods of patient engagement, Brands2Life worked with pharmaceutical client, Lundbeck, to create a unique podcast series to support people with mental health conditions. With mental health services at breaking point due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a compelling need to reach those people who were struggling with anxiety or depression in a way that was personal, relatable, accessible and educational.


Our research revealed the highest levels of anxiety were related to topics such as the pandemic, relationships, finance and social media, which became our editorial focus for the podcast episodes.


We felt that having two hosts, one with mental health expertise and good standing within the clinical psychiatrist community (Professor John Harrison) and one with lived experience and a more public profile (Professor Green, musician and mental health advocate), would provide a balance of professional advice and relatable stories that would resonate with the audience.


The name of the series was called ‘Mind If I Join You’ a play on the word ‘mind’ and the idea that someone can come and listen in to their intimate conversation about mental health.


The pilot series has seen over 1,500 streams/downloads, over 200 engagements on the Twitter posts of the episodes and fantastic feedback from patients and professionals. What’s more, due to the success of the pilot, the planning of series 2 is currently underway.