Gemalto: AI & Big Data lead gen

Connecting with the C-Suite in LATAM, Turkey, South Africa & Europe.

high quality leads
average lead completion rate


As part of our transformational communications work for Gemalto (now Thales), we were tasked with promoting a report on AI and Big data on social media. The objective was to capture contact details of key professionals working within telecommunications in LATAM, Turkey, South Africa & Europe. ​

The main challenges were not only that contacts of users working in specific job roles across the globe had to be captured, but that the report was quite technical and not easily digestible on first read. Therefore, Brands2Life had to be quite creative with how it was promoted to attract the desired audience.   ​


LinkedIn’s in-app lead generation ads were used to capture contact details via the download of the AI and Big Data Analytics report. Enticing visuals and creative post copy were used to encourage users to engage with the social ads and submit contact details. Throughout the campaign we A/B tested the creatives and copy, allowing us to optimise towards the highest performing. Each market was targeted separately to ensure that the budget could be allocated in the most appropriate way for each geography and optimised according to their performance. ​


48 high quality leads were generated, which included a good proportion of senior decision makers and C-Suite. The average lead completion rate of 19.28% was 9.28% above benchmark, this was consistent across all markets. 

In addition, the cost per lead was consistently below benchmark (£75), averaging £51.04.