LinkedIn: Changemakers

Using the power of LinkedIn to change the world of work.

increase in unaided
brand awareness
lift in brand perceptions
increase in Google searches


Long-standing client, LinkedIn, challenged us to create a campaign that demonstrated the transformational impact that content creators and conversations can have on the LinkedIn feed.


Through social listening we identified the most talked-about issues – on LinkedIn and beyond affecting the world of work (diversity and inclusion, mental health, sustainability, disability and flexible working).  From this insight, we created and developed Changemakers, an always-on, force-for-good influencer programme in the UK, using the power of LinkedIn to drive positive change in the world of work. Brands2Life’s own influencer algorithm PUNCH, was used to qualify individuals already campaigning in these areas against a set of authenticity and engagement criteria.

The campaign was then designed to elevate these individuals over a one-year period, and increase their influence using LinkedIn for content and connections.  

An emotive and thought-provoking launch video series produced by Brands2Lifeintroduced our seven Changemakers, and dove deep into their individual campaigns with the hope of galvanising the LinkedIn community to get behind them and be part of driving paradigm shifts. 

Highly-targeted paid social media advertising ensured videos reached not only LinkedIn’s usual audiences, but also those with affinities to the causes being championed.

Original long-form (articles, videos etc.) and social content by our Changemakers has been posted on LinkedIn throughout the partnership, and PR throughout the year will continue to drive the momentum.



Since launch, the campaign has attracted attention from top tier media (Evening Standard, Marketing Week, The i and Vogue), celebrities (Radio 1 DJ, Greg James and well-known feminist activist and author, Florence Given) and world-renowned organisations (including the World Economic Forum’s Uplink team) plus millions of video views.

The launch campaign reached 57% of the UK population through social media advertising, resulting in a +9pt lift in unaided brand awareness, and a +13-20pt lift in brand perceptions around “trust” amongst audiences less familiar with the LinkedIn brand. There was also statistically significant downstream impact among those exposed to the campaign, with double-digit lifts observed in engaged feed sessions, macro-sessions, and on-platform contributions (members actively engaging and/or posting). Additionally, we saw a 44% lift in Google searches of LinkedIn by those who had seen the launch campaign on YouTube.

Additionally, there has been 148% cumulative increase in Changemakers’ followers on LinkedIn, with all of them now ranking in the top 0.09% most influential LinkedIn members in the UK through their own content posting efforts.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

Purpose Award

Best Technology Campaign

Best Long-term Strategic Use of Social Media

Best Social Influencer Programme – Silver

Influencer Marketing

Best Use of Social Video – Certificate of Excellence

Best in Brand Purpose – Certificate of Excellence

Best Socially Responsible Initiative