Ripple: Innovations in crypto

Driving brand awareness in EMEA for a crypto leader.

media meetings
and interviews
pieces of coverage
of the coverage was neutral
or positive in tone


Ripple is a global brand recognised for innovation in using blockchain and digital assets to streamline cross-border payments. But awareness in the UK and EMEA was low – there was a lack of understanding of its complex value proposition and the technology that underpins it. As a result, the majority of UK column inches was in the trade crypto titles – with little awareness of who they were in finance, business and national media.


Our specialist Fintech team developed a strategic media relations campaign – compiling a list of inner circle media that they needed to build relationships with. But more than giving them names and titles, we provided them with methodology on how to communicate complex messages to different types of audiences in the UK and Europe. This involved developing tailored talking points for Ripple’s spokespeople to instill belief in every media opportunity they had about how to communicate Ripple’s value proposition and how it differs from initiatives such as Facebook Libra, Swift gpi and others.

We also run an ongoing press office programme to ensure a regular drumbeat of stories and coverage opportunities in the wider media and expanded Ripple’s engagement with key trade reporters beyond the crypto titles. As part of this activity, we manage media interviews on sensitive topics to ensure the coverage reflects Ripple’s messaging in a positive way.


Within a period of 6 months, we secured more than 20 meetings and interviews with the likes of CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, FT, Forbes and The Banker among others. We’ve secured over 230 pieces of coverage in target media, including global business titles and top tier fintech trades. Over 98% of the coverage was neutral or positive in tone, demonstrating a positive shift in how Ripple has been positioned within the target media in these markets.