Barclays: Formidable Farmers


Barclays Business Banking is the largest bank for farmers in England and Wales, and in 2019 celebrated its 275th anniversary of agri-banking. We were tasked with the delivery of a brand awareness campaign that raised the profile of this activity among consumers and demonstrated Barclays’ understanding of the industry.


At a time when Brexit uncertainty was effecting the country, we hosted 100 Brexit Clinics specifically for farmers to help them understand and address challenges that their businesses were facing. Farmers were invited to attend these clinics where they could ask questions and seek advice.

We also wanted to show how farmers have continued to diversify over the years to increase output and weather hard economic times. In a campaign wrap called ‘Formidable Farmers’, we visited five farms across the country and highlighted how loans focused on innovation and tech had helped them to become more productive and profitable. Our Formidable Farmers report was distributed at the Brexit Clinics.


We had 35 pieces of coverage across national and broadcast with highlights on Sky News Ian King, LBC, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and Farming UK. We also had dedicated regional and trade articles that discussed the five case studies and what made them ‘formidable.’

Designed and delivered a Formidable Farmer report that was downloadable from Barclays UK’s website, distributed at the clinics and sent to stakeholders, customers and prospects.

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