Nominet: Digital Neighbourhood

Nominet’s Digital Neighbourhood is a programme offering digital training and paid work experience to young people with limited professional opportunities. After a two day training course, each participant is matched with a local SME for work experience, so both can prosper online. The programme is rolled out nationally and Nominet tasked us with promoting the scheme, to drive both sign ups and awareness of Nominet’s public benefit work.

We took a phased approach, announcing the local events to media in advance to help with sign ups, and then following up afterwards with photographs from the day, and to offer interviews with participants. We also used the scheme to comment on the broader digital skills conversation.

24 pieces of coverage across the five regions that the programme visited, with two dedicated regional broadcasts. Rolling coverage throughout each regional programme assisted with signups and helped position Nominet as a supporter of local career development. Over 300 people have been through the scheme since it has been live.

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