IPsoft: Global media relations programme

Establishing a leader in the AI industry.


After working with Brands2Life for a year to raise awareness of IPsoft and position it as a key player in the AI space in the UK, IPsoft wanted to instil the same best practice around the world with a global media relations programme.


Drawing on Brands2Life Global’s recommendations and its Network of like-minded independent agencies, IPsoft started work with Brands2Life US in San Francisco and New York, with Gootenberg in Paris, France, with En Serio in The Netherlands and with King Street PR in Stockholm, Sweden.


The initial four-month project was extended with all Brands2Life Global partners to ensure a consistent stream of high-quality media coverage positioning IPsoft as an AI innovator across the core markets – UK, US, France, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The timing couldn’t have been better with customers being front and centre of the communications and marketing programme in all key regions, resulting in media coverage doubling in one month alone,  as well as for the launch of the new avatar for ‘Digital Employee’ Amelia – vital to humanising AI as we move towards a Hybrid Workforce.