Hologic: The Global Women’s Health Index

Benchmarking the health of over 2.5 billion women globally.

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stakeholder briefings


As a leader in women’s health, Hologic set out to identify key gaps in care with the first study of its scale, bench marking the health of over 2.5 billion women globally. The Hologic Global Women’s Health Index was designed to aid healthcare and government leaders form a roadmap on how to improve women’s quality of life and Hologic tasked Brands2Life with communicating its inaugural launch in the UK. The objective of the initiative was to build the brand’s reputation and engage with key decision makers to inform transformative change in women’s healthcare.


Brands2Life developed a strategic approach to engage influential voices, decision-makers and experts in discussions around finding real solutions. This combined an earned media drive, public affairs programme and virtual webinar. The earned media story tapped into the topical hook of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the voices of a breast cancer survivor and NHS GP helping to bring to life shocking inequalities and the importance of preventative care, highlighted by the Index. The Public Affairs team communicated Index findings to parliamentary stakeholders and debate continued during a virtual webinar the with National Health Executive, where MP Caroline Nokes, joined a panel to discuss how the NHS can work to prioritise women’s health.


The team secured 336 pieces of earned coverage with a total project reach of nearly 7 million. This included an in-depth interview with national TV outlet, GB News, commentary in The Guardian and byline articles in influential health policy titles, and the virtual webinar attracted 153 registrations. The Public Affairs team briefed 6 stakeholders, including the Health and Social Care Select Committee, and Caroline Nokes MP, Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, who went on to play an active role on the panel.