Tree-Nation: Planting a Better World

Developing a global climate change opinion leader.


Tree-Nation, the global reforestation platform headquartered in Spain, partnered with 14 agencies in the Brands2Life Global Network to deliver a global PR campaign to encourage businesses and individuals to plant trees. With the aim of reforesting the planet, we wanted to raise brand awareness of Tree-Nation globally and position the company’s spokesperson as an opinion leader on climate change.


Working closely with Tree-Nation to identify the most newsworthy angles that would resonate in all 14 countries lead agency Canela PR in Spain developed tailored pitches to pitch to media. Topics included the relation between climate change and viruses/pandemics, the environmental cost of cut flowers during Valentine’s Day and the real impact of events such as COP25. We also initiated an influencer programme specific to each country and proposed new ideas according to the different markets participating in the project. The Network also worked closely with key media contacts to generate interest and secure interviews with key Tree-Nation spokesperson.


Over a 6-month period, the Brands2Life Global Network succeeded in positioning Tree-Nation as an opinion leader on the importance of planting trees to reverse climate change and offset CO2 footprint emissions. We created and distributed content that resulted in over 300 media impacts in top tier media such as Forbes, Daily Mail and the Guardian, as well as 14 interviews with Tree-Nation spokesperson in international broadcast and Tier 1 media, such as NTN24 (Colombia), Radio NM Miami (Argentina), Imagen Empresarial (Mexico), Jornal Económico (Portugal), Forbes (UK) or Radio 5 (Spain). For each piece of coverage we achieved we planted a tree on the platform and, to date, there are 339 trees in the Brands2Life Global forest.