Tetra Pak: Race to Zero

Reinforcing Tetra Pak’s position as a
sustainability leader.



Tetra Pak is on a mission to create the world’s most sustainable package and has a bold ambition to achieve net zero emissions across the value chain by 2050. As the lead communications partner in the global communications team, our job is to ensure this mission and the progress made towards it is communicated with impact to stakeholders.


At a global level our work includes exceptional press office delivery around campaigns and key announcements. We profile subject matter experts on the topics of sustainability, processing and innovation, delivering top tier trade and business coverage.

In 2021, we led international media relations, global social media strategy and project management support for Tetra Pak’s presence at The World Climate Summit at COP26. We defined messaging, secured speaking placements, engaged stakeholders, prepared spokespeople and produced a live and live streamed panel discussion on the decarbonisation of the food industry with speakers from Yale University, Oatly, Club of Rome and Professor Johan Rockstrom. The event was supported with PR, video, content and social ​



In 2021 the global corporate communications team secured 722 articles including an interview on Sky’s Ian King Show, The Guardian and Forbes. The combined reach of these articles was 550.2m, up from 344m in 2020. The most successful message communicated was ‘leading the sustainability transformation’ where Tetra Pak leads the industry.