Tetra Pak: Good choice

Tetra Pak’s approach to sustainability is shaped by its brand promise to ‘Protect What’s Good’.  

In a world saturated by plastic, the low plastic, low carbon, renewable and recyclable credentials of plant-based cartons make them a smart and sustainable packaging choice for food and beverage brands looking to do their bit. Our job is to ensure Tetra Pak’s sustainability story resonates with retailers, caterers and government stakeholders.  

During 2019, we launched the Good Choice campaign in the UK to engage food and drink producers and retailers through a wide variety of channels and platforms. This began by developing a bespoke microsite to celebrate the reasons as to why cartons are a good packaging choice, paired with PR, advertorial and advertising via digital and in print, paid and organic social media content and involvement in relevant industry events and government initiatives to spread the message further.   

This included the development of three customer videos, advertising in The Grocer, Packaging News and The Guardian, targeted LinkedIn promotion aimed at retailers, caterers and drinks producers and dedicated media interviews.  

Over 2019, our activity achieved a notable shift in perception amongst our target audience, with a measurement survey indicating an 8% increase in respondents stating that they would consider a switch to cartons in the next two years. 

Through our stakeholder engagement, we developed valuable relationships with key government influencers and contributed to four policy consultations. This work secured a deferral in the implementation of the plastic straw ban to provide time for a robust on carton paper straw to be launched.  

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