Tetra Pak: Go Carton

An always-on paid social programme with video at its heart.

link clicks.


There is often a misconception amongst consumers that cartons can’t be recycled when, in fact, they can be recycled in 9 out of 10 local authorities in the UK. Tetra Pak wanted to debunk the myths, encourage people to choose cartons over other packaging choices, and most importantly, to recycle them.   


With a communications platform around cartons being a good choice for you and the environment, Brands2Life has created an always-on paid social programme across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, with Go Carton as the core CTA.

This consists of phased campaigns to target our intended audiences (Alternative Foodies, Eco-Conscious Families and Health & Fitness Enthusiasts) with the content spanning videos, animations, statics and influencer activity.

Ahead of the campaign launch, we worked with Tetra Pak to refresh its messaging to appeal to a consumer-facing audience, highlighting its environmental credentials – Tetra Pak cartons are low plastic, low carbon, recyclable and renewable.

Throughout the campaign, we have manged an always-on community management programme, responding to consumer questions using an approved matrix of messaging.


The videos have been viewed more than 24m times, serving 36m impressions and generating 400k link clicks. On Facebook, the videos have received nearly 10m total engagements, and an ad recall lift of 7 points (vs. a vertical benchmark of 6.6 points). On LinkedIn, the videos have performed above benchmark for both click-through and engagement rate (0.42% vs 0.3% and 0.88% vs 0.4% respectively). The influencer activity has seen a reach of 419k with a 12% engagement rate.


Best use of Social Media and/or Influencers in a Campaign – Highly Commended