Qlik: The Human Impact of Data Literacy

How to increase employee productivity and wellbeing.

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Brands2Life was charged by Qlik to create an integrated PR campaign that would highlight the importance of educating people to understand and use data to not only prepare for the future – but in the case of businesses, survive now. Qlik wanted to quantify the human impact of data literacy on business and showcase how organisations can harness this skill.


We launched The Human Impact of Data Literacy campaign from Qlik in partnership with Accenture, and on behalf of the Data Literacy Project (DLP) – Qlik’s platform to create a data literate world that Brands2Life helped launch in 2018.

The campaign’s purpose was to educate business leaders about the benefits of building a data-driven culture, highlighting that investment in training and upskilling in data literacy is vital and can significantly increase overall productivity and wellbeing.


Coverage appeared in the Forbes, Evening Standard, City AM, Les Echos, The Straits Times, Wirtschafts Zeit and Silicon India. The campaign contributed over 280 pieces of coverage globally.

All content was amplified via social, smashing ER benchmarks. We drove 4.3K visitors to the DLP website via the landing page and the campaign webinar was attended by over 4K people, with over 7.6K assets downloaded.

Brands2Life also engaged new partners and influencers to help reach new audiences. This included two media partnerships with The Telegraph and The Guardian, with the campaign delivering over 16K page views.

We also engaged with leading data influencers Meghan Biro, Talent Culture and Lillian Pierson, Strategy Gal via podcast, social and online content. Combined, this achieved 738 podcast downloads, 17m impressions during a live Twitter chat and 2.5% ER on the DLP’s social posts during this activation, and over 10K visitors to a blog about the report.