CynoSure: Creative EMEA communications strategy

Creating distinction within medical aesthetics.


CynoSure, a leading medical aesthetics company, was entering an extremely competitive market with the launch of a muscle stimulation product, StimSure. Our task was to develop a creative EMEA communications strategy to make the brand stand-out against aggressive competition and drive awareness among B2B and B2C audiences


The medical aesthetic industry has long been associated with images of unachievable levels of beauty and airbrushing. We made it our mission to break away from the category norm and developed a visual identity that positioned StimSure as a workout for your self-belief because the technology could do as much for your confidence as your physique.  Creating a suite of visual content marketing assets, striking the right balance between being aspirational, authentic and contemporary, we developed a broad set of launch collateral for local market activation. This included a full B2B playbook, clinical presentation, sales presentation as well as B2B and B2C clinic collateral, mode of action video content and social media content.


The materials have been successfully rolled out and implemented by six markets receiving fantastic feedback for their positive stand-out in the market.