Hologic: Cervical Cancer Lab Heroes

How remembering the moments that matter drove customer advocacy.

global engagement
(vs 0.43% LinkedIn benchmark)
social media engagements


For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, Hologic, a population screening technology company, wanted to celebrate the essential, yet often underplayed, role that lab professionals play in preventing cervical cancer in order to elevate the company’s reputation as a leader in cervical health and step-change customer advocacy. Recognising that every diagnosis is a defining moment for the women affected by this disease. ​​


As part of our Defining Moments campaign platform, we launched a European marketing strategy to support a highly targeted paid LinkedIn campaign across eight markets to engage and ask lab technicians and managers to share a moment that had been defining to their role in cervical health prevention.  Each moment was submitted via the campaign landing page and generated a donation to a local cervical cancer charity. From processing their first sample to educating GPs, every moment was considered a milestone.   ​​


The campaign also created a catalyst for internal employee engagement with Hologic staff submitting their own personal stories. This provided a focal point for office celebrations and user generated social media content, made all the more distinctive via the creation of a Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Facebook filter. ​​



Our LinkedIn campaign delivered 1.7M impressions to an extremely relevant, niche audience, with 11,414 social media engagements in total. We achieved a global engagement rate of 0.68% (vs 0.43% LinkedIn benchmark).​​

​Over 130 moments were submitted, including compelling customer testimonials, sparking dialogue and strengthening relationships with key lab stakeholders. Our campaign webpage achieved over 6,500 page views in a three week period – on a par with the global Hologic website and over £1,000 was raised for cervical cancer charities across EMEA.