Groupon: Out of this world newsjacking

Driving awareness of the brand out of lockdown.

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Following months of lockdown, restrictions were beginning to ease across the country and Groupon merchants were reopening their doors. We needed to drive awareness of the brand and encourage consumers to head to the site again to check out deals. With such a busy news agenda, we were constantly monitoring the nationals and key lifestyles for any quick and fun news hooks we could use to our advantage and insert Groupon into the story.


When we saw the uproar after NASA announced a 13th constellation in the zodiac, we jumped on it. The introduction of Ophiuchus meant that people’s star signs had changed and that thousands were coming to the realisation that their zodiac tattoo may now be wrong… but Groupon could offer a solution.

We worked with the team to create a dedicated landing page on the website, offering free laser tattoo removal to people who had a horror-scope sign inked on their body. The assets all went live just 24 hours after the story broke, and we contacted news desks and lifestyles with our solution.



Our quick reaction paid off, as the story resulted in 19 pieces of coverage, including key nationals and 12 broadcast hits including national stations Heart and Metro. Our two hero pieces in the Sun and Metro both included Groupon in the headline, and overall the story also had an impressive reach of 67 million.