Bought By Many: A Pawsome Peak Campaign

How tough talking drove share of voice with new pet parents.


The run up to Christmas is one of the busiest times for new pet purchases, and come January, there’s a flurry of new owners insuring their four-legged friend. We needed to drive share of voice for Bought By Many across the consumer earned media landscape during this peak period for the pet insurance provider


We took a two-pronged approach to ensure we were hitting all media sectors. In December, when pet purchases are on the minds of the personal finance media, we crafted bespoke features to hammer home the Bought By Many is a pet insurance provider message. And in January, when the natural media interest dwindled, we crafted a news story to drive mass awareness. Understanding that pet ownership had skyrocketed thanks to lockdown, we explored the shift and the growing number of ‘pet parents’ that have emerged who treat their pet like their baby. We also recruited SAS star, Ollie Ollerton act as our spokesperson and to deliver our messaging via his own channel. His ‘tough guy’ status as a former soldier was a juxtaposition to his role as an adoring pet parent to a black Labrador.


The campaign delivered a pawsome 35 pieces of coverage for Bought By Many, including eight nationals and 17 radio interviews. Stand out print coverage included a double page spread in the Daily Mirror and a page in the Daily Telegraph as well as online coverage in the telegraph and the times. And Ollie’s post landed a 2.35% engagement – one of his most popular brand partnerships.