Britons prepared for sacrifices post COVID-19 to lead the world on climate change

Consumers suggest they’re prepared to fly less, buy electric cars and energy efficient boilers but want more clarity and communication on progress towards environmental goals

According to new research released today by Brands2Life, the leading independent communications agency for the world’s most transformative brands, Britons demonstrate readiness for major shifts in lifestyle choices to help the planet recover. However, a lack of perceived leadership from industry and government is compromising change.

In order to reduce individual carbon footprints, just under half of Brits (46%) would be happy to see a cap on non-essential air travel to limit the number of flights they can take each year, with only 13% strongly opposing such restrictions. Over a third (35%) of consumers, meanwhile, would deliberately fly less in a post-lockdown existence, while one in five (19%) would even consider paying 50% more for a flight with better carbon offsetting.

The agency surveyed 2,000 people, finding that 40% of Britons are optimistic about the country’s potential to become a leader on the clean energy stage, post-pandemic, with 29% open to investing in an electric vehicle and 30% in more energy-efficient boilers to support their homes becoming greener.

At the same time, however, the nation is calling out for greater clarity from the parties deemed responsible for spearheading change. Almost a third (31%) do not believe the government is effective in communicating efforts and progress in addressing climate change, while only a third (32%) of respondents thought tech companies with relevant solutions had effective communications on this. Indeed, when respondents were asked if they could identify a tech brand that exhibited good environmental practices, 93% drew blank.

Consumers place the most faith in scientific organisations (59%) to tackle climate change, followed by green infrastructure initiatives (55%) and clean tech start-ups (45%). As it stands, 42% have faith in technology companies to help tackle global warming, dropping to just 30% when it comes to the government.

Harriet Rich, Head of Corporate and Business Communications at Brands2Life commented: “The pandemic offers a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild a greener global economy. Consumers, businesses and governments have all experienced first-hand the reality of profound collective action against a deadly threat. And, while the COVID-19 challenge is far from over, this sense of purpose must also be channelled towards the climate emergency facing us all.

“As we recover and reset, now is the time to harness peoples’ desire to rebuild better; to instil public trust and confidence in investment, business and government communities that economic recovery can align to achieving climate goals. Now is the time for the organisations that matter to communicate and lead.”

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