Telling powerful AI stories in 2020

We are living in truly strange times. No one could have anticipated what 2020 would bring and there’s still plenty of uncertainty surrounding us as we head into the Autumn – be it COVID related, the US election or the resulting broader market uncertainty and associated economic challenges.

It’s also been a year in which technology has come to the fore, something my colleagues Armand and André wrote about here.

While many of the technologies that became famous during lockdown centred around facilitating better communication (just check out the Zoom market value), one of the great areas of acceleration in the enterprise has been intelligent automation. Companies traditional service offerings became undone overnight as physical stores and contact centres closed. Artificial Intelligence (AI) became a lifeline to help organisations streamline processes and scale customer facing digital interactions.

For years, the opportunities afforded by AI have been hyped, but we’re now seeing enormous traction in the space – both in terms of investment and capabilities – and, crucially, this year has really shown the speed at which real change can become real life.

There are already many incredible examples of AI in action, providing long-needed solutions to real world problems. At the virtual AI Summit last month, we heard from the likes of Tesco and Eon about how they are using AI to tackle everything from food deliveries for all to climate change.

But what’s next for AI? Investment – and therefore innovation – continues apace, with the Trump campaign recently announcing a $1bn AI fund as an appeal to businesses ahead of the US election, while the ever present – and ever thorny – issue of ethics continues to be a focus, with governments and associated organisations around the world still working at speed to put in place guidelines around the ethical use of AI.

What does that mean for those organisations looking to tell an AI story in the media?

It’s a big question, but one which we’ll be tackling in our “how to tell powerful AI stories in tumultuous times” webinar at 9:30am on the 21st October. With a panel of participants from Lord Clement-Jones, co-chair of the all parliamentary group on Artificial Intelligence, Amelia – an IP Soft company, Darktrace and the Financial Times, we’ll be looking to uncover best practice in the industry and provide valuable guidance for anyone with an AI story to tell.We hope that you can join us then register here.

Written by Katie Turner, Deputy MD of Business & Technology