Nikon: Model Meets Mural

Visualising the camera’s USPs – its incredible speed and spectacular image quality.


To promote the capabilities of Nikon’s latest DSLR, the D850, we created content that showcased the camera’s USPs – its incredible speed and spectacular image quality. We challenged British fashion photographer, Julia Kennedy, to use the D850 to capture two different art forms – murals and fashion – in an original image series which would not only demonstrate the camera’s capabilities but would deliver images worthy of earned media placement.


We coordinated the photoshoot and managed the production team to deliver an eight-part image series which could be pitched by Nikon’s European markets. We supported the model casting, consulted on backdrops and concepts to ensure the imagery reflected the camera’s capabilities while having editorial merit to place them in earned media.

We delivered the assets, which included behind the scenes video footage as well as social content such as Instagram Stories in a PR and social toolkit, which the markets followed to implement the campaign locally (while we looked after the UK media).


This campaign produced 56 pieces of traditional PR coverage across 20 markets in Europe, including two stand-out pieces of national print coverage in the UK, in The Times (c.433,604) and Daily Telegraph (c.377,159) – which is a campaign first for Nikon. Model Meets Mural also saw 23 pieces of lifestyle coverage and 27 pieces of technology and photography trade.

All of the articles were 100% dedicated to Nikon. Furthermore, there were 28k+ total organic video content views across all social platforms, with 50k+ total engagements across all social channels and a total reach of 523,228 on Facebook.