Match: Love in the time of Corona

Responding to a single-minded news agenda.

pieces of national coverage
increase in coverage volume


When the Covid-enforced lockdown quashed singletons’ chances to meet people in the real world, online dating service Match became even more relevant. Amid unprecedented uncertainty, our challenge was to help Match respond, meaningfully, to the single-minded news agenda and support those looking to navigate dating in the new world order.


As lockdown hit, we revealed that Match had seen a spike in activity – helping singles realise they weren’t in it alone – and offered tips on how to date virtually, from the comfort of their own home.

As the pandemic progressed, we unearthed the new dating practices that had been born out of social distancing. From ‘flu-merangs’ (exs who crop out from the woodwork as a result of boredom) to ‘isolationships’ (a relationship you started with someone you met virtually), the Match-coined trends encouraged its members to progress their (now virtual) dating journeys within the government-imposed restrictions.

Throughout the programme we also worked with Match’s resident dating expert, Hayley Quinn to provide support and advice every step of the way. Whether it was building intimacy from a two-meter distance or coping with spending time with a partner 24/7, we ensured her insight resonated with the rapidly evolving challenges of the time.


In the four months following the start of lockdown, we secured over 30 quality pieces of national and lifestyle coverage, meanwhile overall coverage volume rose 65 per cent on the same period last year. The activity ensured Match’s share of voice remained greater than competitors, Bumble and Hinge.