Five things we learned from
Tech Trends Lates: Fintech Special

Hot off the heels of Money2020 Europe and right in the midst of London Tech/ Fintech Week, we hosted the latest iteration of our Tech Trends Lates series – this time with a focus solely on fintech.

The evening saw Brands2Life Head of Fintech, Will Campbell, moderate an impressive panel of experts from across financial services, fintech, media, and marketing to discuss how fintechs can stand out amid a sea of same while maintaining trust and credibility.

  • Karen Quinn, Senior Director of Communications, Finastra
  • Mat Gazeley, Public Relations Lead, HSBC Innovation Banking
  • Karen Kwok, Global Tech Columnist, Reuters
  • Laura Watkins, Director of Media and Marketing, 11:FS
  • Roberto Napolitano, CMO, Innovate Finance

Here are the top five insights we gleaned from their expert opinion:

1. Focus on the Big Issues

It’s easy to get bogged down by the myriad challenges in the fintech space, but the panellists emphasised the importance of focusing on the big issues. Whether it’s regulatory changes, cybersecurity threats or financial inclusion, addressing these critical areas can drive meaningful impact. As Roberto pointed out that “when fintechs move away from product-focused communications and tackling industry-wide issues head-on, they can not only navigate the complexities of the industry but also spearhead significant advancements that benefit the broader financial ecosystem.”

2. Gain Coverage/Awareness in the Right Places

Visibility is everything—but as Mat pointed out “it’s not just about appearing in the flashy, big-name titles”. The panel underscored the importance of gaining coverage and awareness in the right places. It means targeting publications and platforms that resonate with your specific audience – often starting to build from the trade titles and maintaining presence amongst those. By aligning your media strategy with where your customers and stakeholders are most active, you can enhance your reach and relevance, ensuring that your message hits home where it matters most.

3. Community is Important

Community isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a cornerstone of success in fintech and plays a big part in its success to date. The panellists, especially Laura who knows firsthand about the importance of community at 11:FS, highlighted the power of fostering a strong relationships with like-minded businesses around your brand. This involves engaging with users, industry peers, and influencers to build a network of support and advocacy. A robust community can drive user engagement, provide valuable feedback, and even help navigate the ups and downs of market shifts. As Laura concluded “in fintech, where trust and loyalty are paramount, a vibrant community can be a game-changer”. This is even more true as we head into a general election – fintech’s voices are more powerful when they join together, and an example of this is specific support requested of the new government come 5th July.

4. Work with Existing Partners

Innovation doesn’t have to mean going it alone. Mat and Karen Quinn both pointed out the importance of working with existing partners to leverage their strengths and expertise – not just when it comes to product, but communications too. Collaboration can lead to new opportunities to stand together and raise an important issue that the fintech industry is solving.

5. Importance of Transparency

In the fintech realm, where trust and transparency are crucial, Karen Kwok stressed that from a journalists perspective “to stand out brands must be willing to share financials and company-owned data to quantify their overall economic and business/customer impact”, all of which is key information for many influential business publications like Reuters. When it comes to funding rounds in particular, valuations are key – you can talk about scale and size of market opportunity but ultimately the market-moving media – be it TechCrunch, Business Insider, FT or Reuters – will all expect you to have the company financials to hand.


As one of the attendees attested to on the night, the evening was described as a “treasure trove of insights, reaffirming that while the industry is fraught with challenges, it’s also brimming with opportunities”. By focusing on the big issues, targeting the right media channels, fostering community, collaborating with partners, and leveraging company-owned data, fintech companies can navigate the complexities of the market and drive meaningful progress. Here’s to the future of fintech—brighter, bolder, and more connected than ever.

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