Visual language matters: why emoji misuse can damage your brand

There’s something infiltrating all types of online comms…

From the social posts you scroll past on the way to work, to messages with colleagues, to texts between friends – emojis are everywhere.

Used in the right way, they’re great for strengthening messaging, adding personality, and building that all-important audience connection. But misusing emojis can be damaging.

Really damaging.

In fact, we conducted research that found 41% of people think the use of an unprofessional or insensitive emoji on social can damage a brand’s reputation. With ¼ people saying they’d consider stopping buying from a brand because of this misuse.

There’s no denying every company needs to speak emoji to protect its future. But can you confidently say yours does? And do you understand the full extent of how emoji use could impact your business? Read our report to find out…

If you can’t see the report above, you can find the PDF version here.

Or access the plain text version here.

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