How to craft standout health stories for editorial success

Editorial health stories have become more complex and cut through for brand stories is becoming harder to achieve.

The Brands2Life Health team analysed over 1,200 health articles which made the national news in 2023, to assess what made the stories stand out, including:

  • Topic popularity – editorial themes most frequently covered
  • Article sentiment – balance of positive, neutral and negative stories
  • Article sub-themes relating to innovation and cancer
  • Publications and journalists most frequently covering innovation
  • Story ingredients that drove editorial success

Read the report below to discover what makes a brand or health story a media success.

If you can’t see the report above, you can find the PDF version here.

At Brands2Life, we help innovative healthcare and life science companies to craft a story that emotionally connects, impactfully engages and drives positive change using earnt, owned and paid media.

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