Brands2Life accelerates journey to net-zero

London, 6th September 2022 – Brands2Life, The Agency for the Brands Transforming Our World, has become carbon neutral in 2022 and accelerated its mission to become net-zero before the UK government’s target of 2030[1] by partnering with carbon-analytics company, Alectro.

Brands2Life is committed to addressing climate change by embarking on a journey to measure its own impact and keep in line with global reduction targets as the UK moves towards a low-carbon economy.

Working with Alectro, Brands2Life measured its carbon impact for Fiscal Year 22 (April 2021-March 2022) by using the GHG Protocol[2], the most widely used framework around the world, to facilitate a realistic approach to making reductions.

The agency is now carbon neutral and will be working towards net-zero within the next five years.

Brands2Life’s emissions for FY22 were 203.67 tCO2e[3]. The key contributors to the overall impact derive from purchased goods (28%), business travel (26%), and heating when working from home (15%). Collectively, these made up 69% of the total impact.

“We’re extremely proud to be openly measuring and reporting on our carbon emissions in order to hold ourselves accountable,” comments Tim Spink, Chief Operating Officer at Brands2Life. “The UK hitting the hottest temperatures on record this summer has served as a stark reminder of our responsibilities to the planet.”

Spink continues: “This is only the first step of our net-zero journey. We believe that by selecting best-in-class offsets, making clear, sustainable changes to the way we operate our business, and with hybrid working, we are enabling every employee to make positive environmental choices in their day-to-day lives.

Tim Geller, Alectro Co-Founder, adds: “Brands2Life is setting the standard for agencies to commit to positive, measurable environmental change. To have measured its emission profile is a strong step toward operating as a low-carbon company.”

Alectro, founded in 2019, is a Virtual Sustainability Officer® which helps to supercharge sustainability and act as a launchpad for companies to behave more sustainably. Alectro empowers companies around the world to measure their carbon footprint, to automatically generate actions to improve it, to communicate their goals effectively, and to become carbon-neutral.

Read more details about Brands2Life’s carbon journey here. To see the agency’s offset registry, please visit Brands2Life’s public impact page.


[1] UK Government has planned for Net Zero by 2050. The government is already working towards its commitment to reduce emissions in 2030 by at least 68% compared to 1990 levels through.

[2] The GHG Protocol measures emissions in three key categories, or Scopes, as they’re referred to. Read more about these here.

[3] Tonnes (t) of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent (e). Carbon dioxide equivalent is the standard unit for counting greenhouse gas emissions, regardless of whether they’re from carbon dioxide or another greenhouse gas, such as methane. This universal measurement compares the global warming potentials of each of the gases to allow for direct comparisons by having a single unit of measurement.