Podcast: Purpose and Profitability – What is sustainable investing?

In episode two of our Purpose podcast series, we hear from Alex Rowe from Nomura Asset Management about the relationship between Purpose and Profitability.

The discussion explores attitudes in the investment community towards sustainable investing, and in particular the increasing popularity of environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds. Interest in ESG is soaring as pressure mounts on organisations to have more of a positive impact on society and the world: can organisations really make a profit and do good? What is the asset management industry’s role in the growth of these funds, and how is ESG now used as a risk management tool by asset managers as an indicator of corporate purpose?


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About Alex

Alex is the Lead Portfolio Manager of Nomura’s flagship Global Sustainable Equity Fund. He is a passionate advocate for investing to achieve positive impact on the environment and society. His role at Nomura is centered around delivering investment solutions for the next generation of client that will demand both strong returns and better outcomes for all stakeholders. He holds a first class degree from the University of Oxford and is an alumni of the Said Business School Impact Investing executive program. 

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