Veracode: Carving out a unique voice
on AI

Making Veracode a leading expert on AI in a crowded market

BBC 5 Live
Wake Up To Money interview for Veracode’s CEO
pieces of coverage
City AM
letter coverage for EMEA CTO


Veracode, the global software security company, came to us in need of a refresh of its earned PR programme across the UK, Germany and France. Following a fantastic but busy start to the programme in March, when the team spent time getting to know the company’s stakeholders and securing earned results from the get-go, Veracode announced its latest AI-enabled product update, Veracode Fix. Soon the EMEA PR teams were tasked with making Veracode a leading voice in the ongoing AI conversation in both national and trade media.


For what is already an extremely crowded debate, we had to find a way of carving out a part of the conversation that positioned Veracode with a unique and strong opinion to get cut through.

Following the initial launch of Veracode Fix, for which the EMEA teams secured 34 pieces of coverage alongside top tier interviews across our key trade media, we arranged insights calls with some of the company’s leading spokespeople to find out what our niche in the AI debate could be. The team then worked meticulously to develop targeted media angles in response to the ongoing news cycle that positioned Veracode with a unique point of view.

We took a multi-pronged approach to our outreach, embarking on longer-lead interview outreach to key national media for Veracode’s CEO and global CTO, as well as relentless rapid response outreach with commentary, letter to editors and interview pitches to national and trade media in response to timely news hooks.


As a result of the team’s in-depth media knowledge and targeted, consistent approach to putting Veracode in front of media as an AI expert, we soon secured coverage for a letter to editor from Veracode’s EMEA CTO on the challenges of AI regulation in the leading UK business title, City AM. This was followed by a live broadcast interview opportunity for the CEO on BBC Five Live’s Wake Up To Money, in which she was able to discuss the challenges around AI regulation and bias on the day that world leaders were making a final decision on the EU AI Act.

These results put Veracode on the map for national media as a go-to expert on AI. Already we are bearing witness to the impact these kinds of opportunities open the door to, as the team continues to bring in new national, business and trade opportunities for Veracode’s spokespeople to further position them as leading voices on AI.