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Universal Robots, a Danish based robotics company wanted help reaching UK manufacturers and business decision makers. Their vision was simple but bold: to create a world where people work with robots, not like robots.

However, as the media often remind us, there is much fearmongering surrounding automation. We needed to counter this.


Working together, we have sought to tell a story where any company, anywhere in the world, will be able to automate. This not only involves dispelling popular myths surrounding automation, but clearly outlining the benefits and use cases of collaborative automation.

For manufacturers, we have focused on the dull, dirty and dangerous elements of certain tasks and shown the benefits that collaborative robots (cobots) bring to certain industries.

All of our content and messaging makes it clear that collaborative automation means humans working alongside robots – not being replaced by them – as we know there are proven benefits of automation to companies of all sizes.

We have told this story through customer videos, spokesperson interviews in tier one, national and business media and targeted thought leadership and commentary.


Our targeted media relations and content production has resulted in:

  • Coverage across the BBC, the Economist and City AM.
  • A customer case study video, profiling automation in pharma and countless thought leadership articles published in key trade publications.
  • Strong and sustained relationship with the Economist.