Boosting Body Pawsitivity

Engaging potential pet parent customers to
supercharge the brand’s UK growth.

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Dog content is the mutts nuts in the press and on social, but unfortunately for Rover, there are lots of brands that insert cute pets into their campaigns to get cut through. Consequently Rover competes for share of voice against more than just pet brands. We needed more than just another fun dog campaign to engage potential customers and supercharge Rover’s growth.


As a dog walking company, Rover has exercise at its heart and a campaign in this space was a natural fit for the brand. We created the PAWsonal Training Plan; a workout that both dogs and their owners could do together. We recruited fitness and body confidence influencer, Chessie King, to develop the plan with Rover. To bring the plan to life and engage directly with potential customers, we held an event led by Chessie, where dogs and their owners could experience the workout. The first session was exclusive to media and influencers, whilst the second was for the general public.


The event attracted 15 influencers, with a combined reach of 168k+ who all attended without payment. They generated 80+ pieces of content, accumulating 33k+ engagements. Chessie’s Instagram stories were viewed over 1.67m times and her content shared 420+ times (all organic engagement). Her grid post also received 46% more engagement than her previous branded posts.  Ultimately Chessie’s content drove 15k clicks to the campaign landing page and Rover’s social channels, whilst our earned media coverage had a reach of over 27m.