Perrigo: Nytol Herbal

Creating a TV ad to highlight natural active ingredients

lift in brand recommendation
lift in brand consideration
lift in buyer intent


Nytol, the UK’s favourite sleep-aid brand and market leader, has been used by people seeking a better night’s sleep for over 20 years, however, in the last two years Nytol has been losing market share to competitors.

Although Nytol Herbal (Nytol’s range of alternative, herbal products containing valerian root extract) has existed since 2014, the flagship P-Line range has always taken marketing priority.


In 2023, we prioritised Nytol Herbal for the first time, launching a new creative strategy amplifying its natural ingredients and showcasing its efficacy. The campaign launched with a new creative look and feel being rolled out in a two-wave approach across TV, VOD, in-store and with online retailers.

We created a new 20-second TV commercial highlighting the natural active ingredients in Nytol Herbal, enabling you “to drift off gently” and have a refreshing, restful night’s sleep.


The campaign struck exactly the right chord and we saw huge surges in awareness of Nytol Herbal and its key messaging, plus intent to buy:

  • Strong lift in brand recommendation (+14%) among those exposed to the ad during the campaign
  • Significant lift in brand consideration (+28%)
  • Significant lift in purchase intent (+26%)

In a category seeing YoY declines, the year to date results are a real validation of our shift in strategy and the quality of our execution:

  • Nytol market share growth during the 10-week campaign: +2.6MSpts vs. YA (to 26.2%).
  • Nytol market share YTD: +2.3MSpts vs. YA (to 26.4%).