Hoxton Farms: Launching a pilot facility

Putting cultivated fat on the future of food menu

Pieces of launch coverage
Top tier interviews in launch month


Hoxton Farms is a food technology scale-up in the world of alternative proteins. More specifically, it grows cultivated fat to further its mission to make meat alternatives taste great. Following a Series A funding round in late 2022, the company is looking to take its growth to the next level, building on its R&D work to launch a pilot facility in London and generate commercial traction with B2B customers.

With only ad hoc UK media coverage to date, Hoxton Farms needed to use the launch of its pilot facility to kick-start a formal earned media programme, build relationships with new journalists and generate commercial traction.


To get under the skin of the company and understand the link between cultivated fat and the future of food, we kicked off the programme by securing national journalists to visit the pilot facility for bespoke tours, alongside interviews with Hoxton Farms’ co-founders, investors and employees to create a rounded story.

We secured press interest by playing on the unusual location of a ‘fat farm’ in central London and putting Hoxton Farms in the context of the UK biotech and alternative meats sector. With the launch now complete, we have built on the momentum by commencing an ongoing programme of executive profiling, thought leadership and social content, as well as planning activations such as tastings.


In the first month, we secured 39 pieces of coverage for the facility launch including The Times, The Economist, Forbes and The Grocer, with an additional broadcast segment on Sky News and future interviews with the BBC, Sifted and Bloomberg.

From the scientific process behind growing cultivated fat, to its role in the future food ecosystem and the environmental and ethical benefits of the alternative proteins sector, we’ve worked with Hoxton Farms to explore the full range of the thought leadership angles they have the authority to discuss. Earned coverage has resulted in a notable increase in inbound requests from customers and investors, as well as a rise in job applications.