The Hologic Global Women’s Health Index

Catalysing action in global women’s health

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Hologic is global medical company, specialising in the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of women’s health issues. Prioritising women’s health is more critical now than ever so Hologic established The Hologic Global Women’s Health Index. The world’s first and largest data set of women’s health, representing 2.5 billion women aged 15+, to arm healthcare and government leaders with data to help improve women’s quality of life and extend life expectancy. Because if you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Our challenge was to raise national awareness of the Index launch amongst policy makers, patient advocates and media. By highlighting important health inequities around access, preventative heath, pain and emotional health we could start to drive actionable steps towards improving women’s health.


We launched the Index at an event ‘Putting women at the heart of healthcare’. Dame Lesley Regan, the Women’s Health Ambassador for England provided a keynote, followed by a panel discussion with Caroline Nokes MP, Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee, Dr Arif Nighat, a women’s health GP, Sam Dixon, CEO of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Hologic’s UK & Ireland General Manager. We highlighted the gaps in healthcare women experience in the UK, underpinning the Index by an additional survey of 10,000 women to further explore the reasons for the disparities. Earned storytelling was complemented by LinkedIn content from the brand and panellists to ensure the impact of the Index reached broader health and policy networks.


The launch generated extensive media coverage and was the lead health story for three days, with 120 in-depth pieces including every major national including The Times, Telegraph, Independent Guardian and New Statesman. 100+ diverse and important stakeholders attended the event including clinicians, charities, academics, industry, professional bodies, and media, driving further discussion and data sharing.

Briefings continue with MPs and in Parliament, a question was posed about what could be learnt from the Index. Requests from academics to include the data in peer review research have been received ensuring the influence of this important data set continues to build. We exceeded all KPIs and the launch now provides a blueprint for other Hologic markets to replicate the roll out of the Global Women’s Health Index.